I have to admit making a Forky costume from Toy Story 4 was harder than I thought. The character is difficult to translate into a human form. I was pretty happy with my DIY Forky mask though, so I figured I’d give the DIY Forky costume a try.

And once I made a Forky costume, I had to make the other new awesome character from Toy Story 4, Duke Caboom!

Besides being a little awkward, figuring out how to make Forky’s red pipe cleaner arms was the most difficult. I didn’t have any luck finding giant-sized pipe cleaners, so my first thought was lots of red plastic leis attached to the arms and across the chest.

Toy Story Forky Costume: Red Scarf/Shrug

But then I ran into the perfect weird red scarf shrug thing at a thrift store, so that’s what I went with. The thing is, I didn’t love how it turned out. So I brainstormed a few more ideas. I am sharing all the ideas because everyone’s opinions are different and the materials you have available also vary. May I present four different ways to make a Forky costume, pick the one you like best, or the costume you can make the easiest. 

Toy Story Forky Costume: Red Christmas Garland

Toy Story 4 Forky Costume

Red Christmas garland is a simpler alternative to the scarf or shrug idea, it can be pretty inexpensive to buy and you may already have some you can use in your Christmas decorations. Then you just need to do a few quick stitches to tack the garland across the chest and down the sleeves of a long-sleeve white shirt.

white shirt with red garland

Toy Story Forky Costume: Red and White Shirts

Forky Costume

This was Elliot’s favorite version of the Forky costume. I combined a long sleeve red shirt with a long-sleeve white shirt. Swapping out the white sleeves for the red sleeves. Then I cut out a big piece of the red fabric and sewed it across the front of the shirt. A sewing machine would make this easy but it didn’t take too long for me to do some quick hand stitching either. 

red sleeved attached to white shirt

Toy Story Forky Costume: Red Shirt

This Forky costume version is obviously the easiest to create. We just used a long sleeve red shirt we already owned. This would be a simple Forky Disneybound idea for the parks too!

Forky Mask and costume

How to Make a Toy Story Forky Costume

There are a few more Forky costume details besides the red pipe cleaner arms. Start by making your own DIY Forky mask with a few craft materials. After I published that tutorial I made a 2nd mask that was significantly bigger without a printed template. The shapes are fairly simple so it’s pretty easy to freehand the design, just take a look at my tutorial first before you start making it. The key difference is I attached a paint stirring stick on the back for a handle. The mask was too big to attach an elastic head strap. You can also just buy a Forky Mask.

Creating a large Forky Mask

Forky Mask Craft

You will also need red gloves, white pants (and possibly a long sleeve white shirt depending upon which Forky costume version you are making) and tan shoes. We had some off-white converse that worked out pretty well. I printed a rainbow graphic on sticker paper and stuck it on to Forky’s left shoe.

Rainbow sticker on tan shoes

Forky Costume Materials

  • DIY Forky Mask
  • White pants
  • Long sleeve white shirt
  • Red garland, red shrug, or a red shirt (depends on which Forky version you choose)
  • Rainbow sticker
  • Red gloves

Of course, the 5th costume option is an Amazon Forky costume.

4 different version of a Forky Costume

DIY Forky Costume

Toy Story Forky costume

DIY Forky Costume

Boy wearing a Forky Costume

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Child dressed at Duke Caboom

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