Do you have a little one learning and absorbing the alphabet?  It’s a building block to unlocking the code to read and write.  Playful alphabet activities are the best way to help kids remember letters and letters sounds.  One tool that is handy to have in the toolbox is an alphabet chart.  I have a free printable alphabet chart for all the Growing Book by Book newsletter subscribers.  More importantly, I’m going to show you how to use it!

printable abc chart


Printable Alphabet Chart

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Ideas for Using an Alphabet Chart

using a pointer to read an alphabet chart



As a first grade teacher, we started our morning routine by “reading” the alphabet chart.  I either pointed to each box or had a special helper be the pointer.  Together we would read through the chart.  Not only did we read the letters, but we said the letter sound and named the picture.

“A, a”

“/a/” (this is the short a sound)


“B, b”



You can read the chart in alphabetical order or skip around the chart.


You can also print an extra copy of the chart on regular paper and have the kids cut out each box to work on fine motor skills.  Mix the letters and have the children put them back in ABC order.  This time, have them glue each box down in a long row to make an alphabet train.

find the missing letter activity on an abc chart


Have the kids close their eyes.  Then, cover one of the spots on the chart with a sticky note (this size fits perfectly).  Have the kids open their eyes and determine which letter is covered. Repeat for several rounds.


Build vocabulary by having the kids pick two or more pictures on the chart and tell how they are related.  For example, juice and milk are both drinks, you can sleep in a tent and igloo, or you can find a pig and an egg on a farm.


abc cover up on an alphabet chart

Have each child place an alphabet chart on the table and provide a handful of mini erasers, bingo counters, or small food treats.  Call out a letter or sound and have the child cover the correct spot on the chart.


I always have an alphabet chart hanging in my writing center and in my child’s writing folder.  It’s the perfect tool for new writers to reference to find letters they need to use when sounding out a word to write.

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You will find that there are some images on this alphabet chart that aren’t as traditional as other charts.  This is purposeful.  We don’t want kids to only associate a letter with one particular image. I also wanted a variety of images to work on vocabulary.

This chart prints in color on 8.5 x 11 paper.  I recommend printing it on cardstock or laminating it for durability.  This is one tool that will get a lot of use.

*I’ve provided two versions for you.  One version has an x-ray for x if you would like a picture that begins with x.  The other version has a box for x if you would like to focus on the proper sound for x.  Also, there is now an otter for o.

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*This post first appeared on Growing Book by Book on 1/19/17.