In today’s article: Fall counting worksheets perfect for early kindergarten math.

Fun free printable Fall worksheets for kindergarten math - number recognition 1-10 and counting activities. They also include five frames and ten frames. #kindergarten #math #worksheets

Help your kindergarteners to practice counting and number recognition with these brand new autumn counting worksheets.

This set of number worksheets teaches numbers one to ten. In addition to counting and recognizing written numerals, children will practice drawing within five and ten frames.

Fall counting worksheets for kindergarten

It is always a good idea to give kindergarteners extra opportunities to practice their counting.

Once they are ready to move up from hands-on materials to counting worksheets, make sure to include these fun counting practice sheets in your fall lesson plans.

What you’ll find:

There is a total of four printable pages. Two of them feature numbers 1 to 5, and the rest covers numbers 6 to 10.

First, children will count the number of objects. Then they have to match the amount with the correct number. This strengthens number recognition skills.

After that, they can draw the amount into five or ten frames.

This is a low-prep activity perfect for extra work in the classroom or homework over the weekend. Feel free to use these counting worksheets in your classroom or homeschool.

To download, simply click on the download link at the bottom of this post.


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Fall counting worksheets kindergarten

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Fall counting worksheets kindergarten

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Fall counting worksheets kindergarten

Please, remember, that these free printable fall counting worksheets are for personal or classroom use only. Any altering or re-distribution are not allowed in any way. Thank you!