Best Gifts and Toys for Autistic Children

Looking for gift ideas for that special child in your life? If you’re anything like me, you want to make sure each gift matters. I don’t like buying things for the sake of buying things, you know? Sure, it’s exciting to have lots of presents to open, but that can be a bit overwhelming for some kids on the spectrum. It’s better to get them something you know they will use, and that will help them in some way at the same time. After all, Christmas and birthdays are great times to invest in new fun therapy tools, right?! So here are some great gifts and toys for autistic children!

Awesome gift ideas for children on the autism spectrum! There are lots of fun toys that can also be used as therapy tools for autistic kids. My boys love most of these toys & gifts for autism! #autismspectrumdisorders #giftideas #autismgift #autismgifts #giftsforkids #autismtoys #toysforautism

These are great ideas for Christmas gifts! Toys for autistic children of all ages and developmental levels! There are lots of sensory toys and other great gifts for kids with autism!

Where to shop for toys for autistic children

Nope, you don’t have to go to some expensive therapy shop – online or in person. There are some great places to find sensory and developmental toys near your home. Some of my personal favorites:

Dollar Tree – Yep, I said it! Check out my other post on 175+ sensory items from the Dollar Tree!

Five Below – I never knew what this store was until last year! It’s AWESOME!!! I have found hopper balls, pod swings, mini skateboards, and countless other impressive items there for $5 or less!!)

Walmart – Recently, they have really hopped on the sensory bandwagon. You can find mini trampolines, bean bag chairs, and tons of sensory toys here. They also have a great variety of developmental toys, like Leap Frog, V-Tech, and Fisher Price. Check the baby/toddler aisle of the toy section, and there are some pretty cool new finds!)

Amazon – You’re already on your computer or smart phone, so why not shop online? Amazon Prime has free 2 day delivery, and they don’t mess around!

Subscription box for kids with autism

What to consider when shopping for toys for autistic children

Don’t just go out and buy something that is popular. When you’re looking for toys for autistic children, there are a few things to consider. First, think about their special interests. If they have an obsession, there is no harm in purchasing a gift in that genre.

Otherwise, think about their specific needs. If the child is non-verbal, you may want to splurge on a speech therapy tool. If they are a sensory seeker, look for items that will provide a lot of sensory input. Children who also have ADHD or anxiety always benefit from fidget toys and calming tools.

If you don’t know the particular needs – say you’re looking for a gift for a friend’s child or a nephew – fidgets and sensory toys are pretty much staples! Or you could always go with an autism subscription box designed specifically for kids on the spectrum!

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Developmental toys for autistic children

Lacing beads


Stacking pegs

Bumpy ball

Interactive game controller

Fisher Price Bright Beats Ball (My little guy has the entire Bright Beats “family” and is OBSESSED with them!!)

Activity cube

Mushroom garden

Music table

Button Art




Muffin Match

Rainbow stacking toy

Shape sorter


Vestibular toys for autistic children

Crash pad

Scooter board


Stepping stones

Vestibular toys for autistic children

Balance board

Mini trampoline

Indoor bouncy house

Mini slide

Climber toy

Pod swing

Kids hammock


Sitting wedge

Wiggle cushion


Speech therapy gifts


Echo microphone


Tiny Talker

Communication boards

First word board books

Speech tablet

Smart Talk

Hot Dots

Leapfrog First 100 Words


Mr. Potato Head


Fidget toys for autistic children

Monkey noodles


Flippy chain

Snake fidget


Rainbow ball

Peas in a pod

Color changing sequins

Mochi squishies

Swirly bands


Small Sensory toys for autistic children


Sensory balls

Zuru hamster (My boys hold these vibrating pets in their hands for sensory input)

Play Doh


Water timer

Hexbug Nano

Stretch balls


Calming gifts and toys for autistic children

Jellyfish lamp

Lava lamp

Essential oil diffuser

Wave projector

Vibrating plush


Oral sensory gifts

Blocks chew necklace


Chew tubes

Bite bands


“Oreo” necklace

Munchable bead chain

Mint chewy

Chewable pencil topper

Tough Bar

Vibrating strawberry teether


Chewy bracelet


Giving the perfect gift

Not every kids needs the hottest new trend. When buying toys for autistic children, keep their developmental and sensory needs in mind, and look for a gift that will benefit them as well as excite them. Don’t be discouraged if you are still purchasing gifts well below your child’s target age – as frustrating as it can be, remind yourself that your child will enjoy it, and that is what matters most. I still purchase a LOT of 6-12 month old toys for my 3 year old, but his face lights up, and they get the most use. Focusing on meeting one of their needs is the goal when picking out the perfect gift. Where are your favorite places to shop for kids on the spectrum? Let me know in the comments!


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