Barbie Digital Makeover Mirror for iPad

The Barbie Digital Makeover Mirror uses an iPad and facial recognition technology to digitally do makeovers.  Little girls can create their own fashionable make-up designs on themselves over and over again.  No mess, no make-up required!

How does the Barbie Digital Makeover Mirror Work? Barbie Digital Makeover Mirror

The iPad goes in the back of the plastic Barbie Digital Makeover base. Select the application and begin use. Using the magic makeover wand, select the type of make-up (or accessory) you wish to apply to your face in the mirror.  Make up choices include lipstick, blush, eye-shadow, glitter and much more.

 Barbie Digital Makeover Mirror

The mirror uses an iPad and facial recognition technology to do digital makeovers on the screen for it’s users. Choose your make-up, color choice and apply using the magic makeover wand. The more you shake the wand, the deeper the color is applied.  You can save your make-up designs by taking a picture of yourself.  Add your picture to your own digital scrapbook where you can further customize the photos and print and email them to family and friends.

Apply digital make-up like lipstick, blush, etc.
Facial recognition technology keeps make-up in place.
Take pictures of yourself and email them

Once you choose your make-up, select a color from the color choices on the base and begin moving the wand in front of the area you wish to apply the make up too.

There is even a “mask mode” where you can play with different masks on your face in the digital mirror.

Because the Barbie Digital Makeover Mirror uses facial recognition technology, it will move with you in the mirror.  Pose, make faces; all these things will show up on the digital Barbie mirror. The facial tracking technology keeps the digital makeup in place as the girl moves. It’s as if you are giving yourself a real makeover in the mirror.  It’s a must have for any diva or fashionista.

Share Your Looks with the Barbie Digital Makeover Mirror!

Barbie Makeover MirrorIf you like the look you’ve created, simply take a picture of yourself and send it over to your photo album/scrapbook.  There you can further customize your look by adding cute frames, borders, accessories and even text. There is a whole world of options for customizing your custom make-up look there too!

Email these pictures to your family and friends so everyone can see!  This is the best part because the looks and designs a little girl creates are there for her to keep!  Print them out, email them; show the world your mad makeover skills!

Barbie Digital Makeover Mirror is Cheaper Online!

Now you have an excuse to buy that iPad you wanted! The ipad is not included, you have to have one of those already. It’s for use with the standard size iPad, not the iPad mini. Download the application to your iPad, slip it in the Barbie Digital Makeover Mirror base and viola! Instant makeovers for the whole family (okay, maybe not Dad).

Barbie Digital Makeover Mirror

Barbie Digital Makeover Mirror

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