DIY toys are one of my favorite things to make with and for my kids, not only are they wonderful to play with but they are packed with design and engineering challenges for the whole family!

40 Of The Best DIY Toys To Make With Kids! I am slightly obsessed with DIY Toys. There is one simple reason: DIY Toys encourage creative thinking.

Not only do you end up with something fun to play with at the end of the process, but you learn about design and problem solving as you make them! Many DIY Toys also have an educational component to them since they are often based on scientific principles to give them a “wow” factor, principles like inertia, energy, and gravity. So instead of heading to the store the next time your child asks for a new toy to play with, consider making one of your own. I’ve got 40 ideas for you! See a few highlighted in the video below and the complete list follows.

Flying DIY Toys

40 Of The Best DIY Toys To Make With Kids!

1. Paper Helicopters

Easy to make and easy to fly! Kids love make this simple paper toy!

2. Zappy Zoomers

Take your paper airplane making to the next level and make a Zappy Zoomer!

3. Tyvek Kite

Make your own DIY kite out of everyday materials.

Spinning DIY Toys

4. Featured Spinning Toy: Art Spinners

An irresistible top idea with an artful twist!

40 Of The Best DIY Toys To Make With Kids!

5. Perler Bead Tops

Learn about angular momentum and color theory with this spinning top.

6. Tiny Dancers

An electronics project you will enjoy watching dance.

7. Kinetic Carousel

Potential and kinetic energy never looked so fun….

8. Paper Tops

What does your brain do with spinning images? Find out with this paper top.

9. Spin-finite Tops

These tops spin FOREVER! Well at least  looooong time!

Puzzle DIY Toys

10. Featured Puzzle Toy: Flexicube Blocks

Make a simple DIY Toy that looks very complex!

40 Of The Best DIY Toys To Make With Kids!

11. Mosaic Magnets

Make geometric mosaic magnets with magnetic sheets!

12. Constellation Geoboards

For the little space explore in your life! Make a constellation geoboard.

13.Perler Bead Mazes

Design colorful mini mazes using large Perler beads!

14. Flextangles

Coolest.paper.toy.ever. Make this paper toy and be mesmerized by the colorful action!

15. DIY Geoboard

Make the easiest DIY geoboard ever and explore concepts like area and perimeter with kids.

16. Playdough Marble Mazes

From my book STEAM Play & Learn. We used large box lids and play dough to design simple marble mazes!

40 Of The Best DIY Toys To Make With Kids!

17. Tetrific

Similar to Mosaic Magnets, this is based on the classic game Tetris! A geometry game your kids will love.

DIY Building Toys

18. Featured DIY Building Toy: Tube Blocks

Easy recycled craft idea: Make DIY blocks out of cardboard tubes!

40 Of The Best DIY Toys To Make With Kids!

19.Doodle Cubes

Turn your 2d drawing into 3 dimensions and stackable art blocks!

20. Magnetic Sculptures

Explore magnetism with kids by making magnetic sculptures!

21. Wire Sculptures

Explore the art concepts of line and space with this classic toy idea!

22. Paper Building Blocks

Make building blocks out of paper! Great way to illustrate how shape affects strength.

Outdoor DIY Toys

40 Of The Best DIY Toys To Make With Kids!

23. Featured Outdoor DIY Toy: DIY Skip-It

Learn about centripetal force and engineering in this easy to make DIY toy!

24. Bubble Wrap Rug

Turn leftover bubble wrap into a rug for some sensory fun!

25. Pool Noodle Marble Run

A fabulous STEAM challenge for groups: Make a playground sized DIY marble run using pool noodles!

26. Tin Can Stilts

Learn how to make the classic DIY toy: Tin Can Stilts!

Classic Toys

27. Featured Classic Toy: Mini Plunk

Transform a cardboard tube into this easy to make DIY game inspired by the classic Kerplunk.

40 Of The Best DIY Toys To Make With Kids!

28. Cup and Ball Game

Make the classic Cup & Ball Game using a few household items!

29. Balance Toy

Make a homemade balance toy and explore the concept of equilibrium.

30. Mini Ball Game

Recreate the classic balance bead game at home.

31. Abacus

Learn how to make and use a simple DIY abacus.

32. Color Wheel Playdough

Learn how to make playdough and explore color theory by creating a rainbow play dough color wheel.

33. Frame Lacers

Frame Lacers are a colorful DIY toy that doubles as a great fine motor skills activity for kids.

34. Newton’s Cradle

From my book STEAM Play & Learn.  A wonderful toy that teaches kids about momentum!

40 Of The Best DIY Toys To Make With Kids! 35. Balance Hearts

A DIY toy that doubles as a STEAM Valentine’s Day activity! Similar to the balance toy above but made out of recycled materials.

36. Rattle Drums

A classic DIY toy/instrument recreated out of recyclables!

7 Paper Toys to make and enjoy!

Observation Toys

37. Featured DIY Observation Toy: Waterdrop Microscope

Learn how to make a microscope using a few recycled items and a water drop!

40 Of The Best DIY Toys To Make With Kids!

38. Discovery Tubes

Explore three different scientific concepts in one colorful DIY toy!

39. Coffee Can Camera Obscura

Learn how to make a DIY Camera Obscura from coffee cans!

40. Mini Open Ended Kaleidoscopes

A simple open ended DIY kaleidoscope you can make at home.

41. Thaumatropes

Make a simple optical illusion toy and trick your eye! Fun paper craft for kids.

Miniature DIY Toys

42. Featured Miniature DIY Toy Idea: GIANT Small World

Make a GIANT small world in your backyard for hours of creativity and play.

40 Of The Best DIY Toys To Make With Kids!

43. Pieces Dolls

Learn how to make a doll with a craft stick and some fabric scraps.

44. Paper Houses

PAPER HOUSES you can print, cut, and decorate!

45. Cardboard City

Save cardboard boxes and collaborate with your kids on a cardboard city. Add Hot Wheels cars and figurines for a complete city.

46. Mutant Toys

Make your own MUTANT TOYS from leftover toy parts!

You can also check out our PAPER TOYS PLAY PACK with 7 printable toys and 10 templates!

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40 Of The Best DIY Toys To Make With Kids!